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We offer an Attachment-Based Therapy for children who have experienced loss, trauma, abuse, neglect and multiple placements.
Children who experience neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, losses, trauma and multiple carers tend to develop a series of beliefs and behaviours that affect their capacity to feel safe and explore the world. Some of the beliefs and behaviours observed in children with attachment difficulties are:











Parenting these children is a very complex task. Many times foster carers and adoptive parents find that despite  their best efforts to provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment these children seem not to be able to receive it. Parents and carers can feel at times de-skilled and hopeless which leads to the breakdown of placements. This perpetuates the cycle of loss and rejection for the child to the point that the only possible alternative is a residential placement. 
Our model of intervention involves:








For this service you can contact Clara Hammond-Garcia, Dorothy Porter, Kathryn Allen or Samantha Stocks.